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How to Order and Shipping Information

We ship the Wellness Pro Plus directly to your home after you call us at 512-626-2332. Personalized training and mentoring included until you are familiar and comfortable with using the device from VERY experienced medical professional. 
Training video included!

International Orders outside the USA require shipping charges and you will be contacted first with these charges before we process your order

We have a 30 day return policy. Call for more information.

                                                        Wellness Pro Electrotherapy System – $3495.00 Includes:
WellnessPro 2010+, Qty – 1
AC Power adapter, Qty – 1
Input cable, Qty – 2
Lead wires (bag of 4), Qty – 2
Carbon rubber electrode large, Qty – 2
Carbon rubber electrode small, Qty – 2
Self adhesive electrode 2X4, Qty – 4
Self adhesive electrode 2×2, Qty – 4
Wire adapter for self adhesive electrodes, Qty – 4
Hand held cylinders, Qty – 2
Conductive gel, Qty – 1
Elastic wrap large, Qty – 1
Elastic wrap small, Qty – 2
User manual, Qty – 1
Professional carrying case, Qty-1

Contact Us for more information.

The Code Book we created is $10.00

You will want an extra bottle of the gel and that is $5.00

Extras that you may want:

  45.00 Large rubber carbon pads - oval

   16.00 Small rubber carbon pads - round

      9.00 Big strap wrap - Machine washable

      12.00 Small strap wrap - Machine washable 

Overseas shipping charges are usually about $120.

Dr. Cindy Steward, ND

Phone: 512-626-2332


Order the Wellness Pro Electrotherapy System.

COST :  $3495.00
Medical Professional Discount offered with Proof of License
Bulk purchase Discount available…Best Price available ANYWHERE

**2 Options for financing!!

Down payment with monthly payments (Call for more information)