Now, she had been in another roll over car accident and the other doctors wouldn’t accept her as a patient  because they knew this would be a complicated case.  Also, to complicate the case, the attorney had been trying to find a doctor to take her case for over 2 months.  Two months with no care.  I told him I thought every person deserved care and I would see what we could do to help her.

This sweet lady came in with bruising still visible, severe headaches, and pain from head to toe.  Her 2 daughters also came in as patients

from this same accident.  

I treated her for several months and we didn’t see any improvement in her symptoms.  So, I went online to several groups of fellow doctors where we can enter in the patients symptoms, the treatments we have given, and ask for advice of what else could help our patient.  Every doctor came back with comments like:  “You won’t be able to get her out of pain for two years because of all the metal in her body.”   

Well, I knew insurance wouldn’t pay for 2 years of care.  I refused to believe that there wasn’t anything else we could do for this wonderful woman so I called my old friend:  Dr. Frank Siebenaler, D.C..  I told him the case history and treatment and asked him:  “Dr. Frank, other than marijuana which isn’t legal in Texas, do you know of anything else that might help this woman?”  He was so excited to tell me that he had just purchased a new machine and he would bring it to my clinic and we could use it on her.  I was surprised that the machine was small enough to be transported to my clinic.   

Dr. Frank placed the machine on my patient and in 30 minutes her pain was down an average of 50% in her body and the headache was 75% gone.  She was in tears and I was so excited.  She needed to buy a machine for life long use because of all the rods, pins, plates and screws in her body.  What a huge improvement in her quality of life.  And, no, insurance doesn’t cover the cost of this machine.

At the same appointment Dr. Frank put the machine on a man with heel spurs.  It helped tremendously and this man ended up buying a machine for home use because he needed to use the machine 3 times a week for 6 weeks to resolve his heel spurs.

Then, Dr. Frank said:  “And, it helps people with Neuropathy.”

I told him not to tease me.  I told him nothing helps with neuropathy and that I have spent thousands on classes and research and nutrients trying to find something that would help my patients.  He said:  “Let’s have a pain free living day.”  “What’s that?” I asked.  He explained it is a day to invite all of my patients with neuropathy to come and experience the machine for 30 minutes at no charge so they can see and feel the improvements for themselves.    I said:  “Ok.  Let’s do it.”

Here are a few of the surprises that happened at our Pain Free Living Day;

The first patient that walked into my clinic for a Pain Free Living Experience was shaking from head to toe uncontrollably.  I remember being surprised and thinking to myself:  “I didn’t invite any one with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s.  I only invited neuropathy symptom patients.”  So, I asked him:  “Why are you shaking so much?”  He said his pain was out of control and he couldn’t control his body movements anymore.  I asked him to rate his pain on a scale of 0 to 10 and he said it was a 12.  Kathy (RN) and I hooked him up to the machine and in about ten minutes he opened his eyes and looked up at me and asked:  “What did you do to me?”  I wasn’t sure what was going on in his body so I had to ask him:  “What are you feeling?”  He said:  “You asked me to rate my pain on a scale from 0 to 10.  I told you I was at a 12.  Actually, the pain was over 100.  I have tried everything trying to get help and nothing worked.  Today, you were my last hope.  If this didn’t work I had a suicide plan in place to kill myself because I couldn’t like with that kind of pain anymore.  This machine has taken the pain down to a 2 and I can live the rest of my life like this.”  He needed to buy a machine to use at home for life.

A man from Twin Liquors in Georgetown had experienced neuropathy pain for years.  As he was sitting in the chair hooked up to the machine with his eyes closed he started to fall over.  Kathy and I ran to catch him and he said:  “No, please don’t touch me.  I didn’t know I could ever feel this good again.”

Another man in his 30’s came in with neuropathy numbness from his knees to his toes.  He hadn’t been able to feel his feet for over 5 years.  I asked him who drove him to our clinic and he said he drove himself.  I was shocked so I asked how he could drive when he couldn’t feel his feet.  He said he had to constantly look down at his feet to make sure his foot was on the gas or brake pedal.  He learned to gauge the amount of pressure from the feeling in his thighs.  We put him on the machine and within 30 minutes he had feeling in his feet.  It wasn’t a completely normal feeling but for the first time in 5 years he could feel his feet under him when siting and standing. Here is what he had to say:  "I have not been able to feel my feet for over 5 years and I am only 36 years old.  I had to relearn how to drive by judging the pressure applied to the gas & brake pedals through my thighs.  I was constantly looking down to make sure my foot was moving to the gas pedal or brake.  I can't believe it - for the first time in over 5 years I have feeling return to my feet."  Beill M. 

And the exciting stories kept on coming all day long.

Another woman came in with Crohn’s disease because her step father told her about the machine.  She bought it that day and as long as she uses it she gets great relief.

Playing tennis 5 weeks after surgical repair thanks to the Wellness Pro Plus.  

Shoulder, Back & Neck Pain



I called Dr. Steward because my MD told me I had Shingles and I was in excruciating pain.  She had told me years before to call her if I ever got shingles.  I went in for my first session on this machine and my pain decreased by 80%in an hour.  I went in the second day and I couldn't believe how my shingles were almost completely cleared.  There isn't any reason to suffer from this horrible condition.  Everyone needs to know they can get relief.  Buying a machine is a good idea!  Susan S.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

I recovered from knee replacement surgery faster than the doctors or physical therapists had ever seen in all their years of practicing.  Dr. Steward put me on nutrition and on the Wellness Pro Plus machine before my operation.  I bought a machine to help with the pain I was expecting after surgery but was pleasantly surprised when there really wasn't bad pain.   My sister and friends that had had knee replacements or shoulder replacements were very jealous of my lack of pain and that I regained full range of motion in record time. 

Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Finally Pain Free Living

Diabetic Gangrene imporving after a few treatments

After one treatment his hands opened freely.  

​Isn't this exciting?

Edema relief after using Wellness Pro Plus Programs.

We have specific programs for lymph edema as well.

Make the most of your tax refund this season with a gift your whole family will enjoy for years to come. 

I am a senior in high school now...

In the ninth grade I was playing basketball and tore the ligaments under my patella.  The patella moved out onto the side of my leg.  The doctors did surgery to put it back in place but I have been in pain ever since.  Dr. Steward put the machine on my leg around my knee and within 10 minutes I was crying because for the first time I was finally out of pain.  I love sports and that sport’s injury to the knee had slowed me down.  I wasn’t as good of a player anymore.  I have been able to return to playing basketball.  Now, I can play without pain.  I use the machine before and after practices and games to help it stay well and heal faster after stressing it while playing.    Megan S.  - Senior in High School.

Sports Injuries


Wellness Pro Plus

I had been in pain with sciatica for over a 

year.  I had tried CBD oil and lots of other treatments but nothing touched the pain.  

I hurt with muscle spasms from my low back and hips down the sides, back and front of 

my legs to my toes.  The muscle spasms

were bad but the electric fire up and down my

legs hurt so bad I couldn't sleep.

Dr. Steward put the machine on my low

back and on the bottoms of my feet.  The 

pain was almost gone after a few sessions

and I could feel the second toe on my right 

foot for the first time in a year.  

I could finally sleep and walk normally.  

I decided to buy the machine to stay healthy!

Sherill  (A lady never tells her age!)

Dr. Cindy's Intro to Wellness Pro Plus:

This is my story (Dr. Cindy Steward’s story, ND) about how I was introduced to the Wellness Pro Plus.

An attorney called and asked me if I would accept an auto accident patient case.

He said no other doctor would accept her case which was a red flag for me.  

I asked him why no one else would accept her as a patient.

He said seven years ago she had been in a roll over car accident.  Her 5 year old son refused

to keep his seat belt on and he had been thrown from the car and died.  This mom's van had 

rolled several times and she had to have rods surgically installed up and down her spine as well as pins, plates and screws in the ilium (hip bone).

“It’s  a Miracle Instrument!”

The Bio-Electric medical device has been a God-send for me.  I have Fibromyalgia, and most things I’ve tried have failed.  A friend suggested this unit to me; I didn’t know what to think.  I told her I’ll give it a try.  At first I felt a little improvement, the next day we tried a different set and the pain in my legs was gone within 10 minutes!  I am amazed to say the least!!! I may still have fatigue and some leg stiffness, but there is absolutely NO pain as long as I use the machine once a week.  More people should know about this”!  Jan K.

I Feel Alive Again!”

I have been plagued with back problems most of my adult life.  I have gone through back surgery three times.  Each time it has given me temporary relief; several years after the second surgery the pain returned.  To my wife’s dismay, our social activities began to fade away.  I could not comfortably walk any distance, sit, or stand for an extended period of time.

My niece introduced me to this unit.  She has used the Bio-Electric medical device and was enthusiastic about the excellent results she has had using one.  She begged me to try it before taking a chance on surgery again.  The device was delivered to my home and I began using it immediately.  No rash promises were made at the time the Bio-Electric medical device was left with me.  In just a few days I began to feel improvement.  In less than one week, the pain in my back and legs was gone.  I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my mind and my body.  Mentally and physically I feel alive again.  I no longer dread going to bed, only to toss and turn in pain all night.  G. McLarney.

This little boy drowned and died four years ago and was resuscitated but not before permanent damage had happened.   He was spastic since the accident.  His feet stayed in external rotation all the time.  His hands were closed so tightly they had to be pried open to place the cylinders in them for treatment. 

After one treatment his feet would internally rotate for the first time in four years.